Relationships: Family & Friends For Life

Dive into the importance of creating the healthiest relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself.

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Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal

Julia Child, Cooking teacher, author, and television personality

Relationships: Family & Friends For Life

Chapter 4 Excerpt:

. . .It’s a blessing to have an authentic and true relationship with family and friends, and that special bond of love is one of the greatest formulas we can consume together at the community/collective table. However, the most important relationship is the one that starts with yourself, the hearty connection between your human and your soul. . .

 . . .Sometimes, as we learn about having healthy relationships, we experience some lumps in the mixture and it’s not always a creamy, smooth consistency. Have you ever been in a relationship where your appetite to express your feelings was not equal, and you wanted to “change” that person, but they were not open to change? Did you ever think that your love was the secret ingredient that could melt their heart and they would open and “be” the way you want them to be? Well, I learned an extremely valuable lesson and the symbol for this life healing is a can opener. Why a can opener you might ask? Because I swore that I would never . . .

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Shelley's Savory & Sweet Turkey Meatloaf

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What People Are Saying...

Through her words, Shelley Whizin exemplifies kindness, forgiveness, joy, and love for all, using cooking recipes not only to feed the body, but more importantly to encourage an awareness of soul nurturing. As a recipient of her friendship and a learner of all she teaches, I have witnessed, celebrated and enjoyed all Shelley brings to the table, and not just with food which defines ‘yummy delicious’, but also to the table of life!!! This book serves food for thought on a platter of love.

Jill Schoelen

Actress, Singer, Producer

Shelley Whizin’s book, What Do You Bring to the Table? is spot on in its messages, and there are many helpful insights I got in reading her book. These have helped me remove stress, be more conscious of coming from compassion, caring, love, and joy. It brought me a renewed conscientiousness in sharing – no matter how simple the recipe may be, and the deep breathing in the Happy Mindful Meditations brought renewed importance for me. This book is a Covid-19 Survival Guide, and it has helped me focus on my life not Covid. I’m more aware every day now of what I bring to the table of life, and cook delicious, healthy food with Love. Thanks, Shelley.

Sam Herr

Retired Restaurateur, Chief Food Preparer

What Do You Bring to the Table?” is about understanding and appreciating life’s basics through the analogy of cooking - you get what you put in. Shelley’s book gives valuable insights on how to live life, and her wise approach guides us on how to be the best version of ourselves. This cookbook is a spiritual journey by itself, and I enjoyed it very much. Shelley’s teachings can definitely be life-changing!

Darsweil Rogers

Co-Managing Partner CFP Innovation, Radio Talk Show Host

Family & Friends For Life

Chapter 4 of

What Do You Bring To The Table?

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